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Free 30 Min. Initial Tax, Accounting or Bookkeeping Consultation
Get to the CRA before the CRA gets to you!!!

Free consultation of 30 minutes to new NV Chamber members on personal and corporate tax matters with exchange of documents through secured portal, digital signing, remote enabled accounting and tax practice services.  

We have geared our practice towards a less paper environment.  We have implemented a secured client portal for exchange of documents and digital signing of documents.  Clients have the option to have their entire tax filing process done without visiting our office and without having to lift a pen to sign documents!!

We are not adverse to clients visiting our office and we do value and welcome the opportunity to meet clients in person.

This is our humble attempt to make a contribution towards conserving the environment and at the same time save commuting time for the clients.  

We offer a variety of advice and assistance on tax and accounting matters.

Contact Information
phone: (604) 889-9740
North Vancouver Chamber