Posted: 10/31/2021

Digby Leigh & Co. was established in 2005 by a founder who has a passion for business, law and people.  The firm was created with a vision of helping people in business, a strong belief in the importance of relationships, providing an amazing client experience and creating a place where people wanted to come to work every day.  And underlying all of that was an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to do things differently. 

The foundation of the firm hasn’t changed in the sixteen years it has been in operation. The commitment to our values of respect for all, doing the right thing, being boldly innovative and community-minded remain. What has changed is the growth from a firm of 5 people to a firm of 25 people, from a firm reliant on the founder to one where the collective group has a voice and the evolution into a firm where innovation is at the core of the direction of the firm.

We have never been content with the status quo of our industry and we’ve always had a commitment to seeking out new, better ways to serve our clients.  In 2014 we created YES Talks, an annual event which aims to provide people in business with streetwise/practical ideas that they can immediately incorporate into their businesses. And in 2020 we introduced Frank Fee, our pricing model that offers agreed upon pricing up front, no hourly charges and cost certainty for our clients from start to finish.

Digby Leigh & Co. is a very busy, dynamic and growing practice and we are building for the future.  We want to add experience and leadership to our team.  We are looking to add lawyers who are passionate about building business, supporting people, leading the legal industry in change and who are excited about the opportunity to grow a law firm as part of a team with a well-established platform.

In particular we are looking to add an experienced corporate/commercial lawyer to our corporate group.  Our corporate group handles M&A transactions involving enterprise values of up to $50M, rolls out franchises across the country, implements multi-stepped tax-driven reorganizations and houses 1,000 companies.

As a people-first firm, we are looking for good people who are value aligned, team oriented, adaptable, and relationship focused.  

As a business we are looking for lawyers with an entrepreneurial mindset who think like an owner and are driven, love a challenge and take pride in delivering high-quality work.  If you believe the practice of law can be operated as a business with great systems and optimal work allocation, then DL&Co. is a great fit for you.

If the DL&Co. story resonates with you and you are interested in being a part of what’s to come, let’s connect.  We would love to hear from you.  Feel free to reach out to Wendy at