About Us

Loren Nancke started off as a single partner firm known as Loren & Company in 1989. The client base started off with a handful of clients in varying industries and over the years has grown in size and the industries have diversified further, but the focus has always remained with small business and individuals.
Our success is based on thinking outside the box to assist our clients in making their businesses a success. We help our clients understand tax issues without using ''accountantese''.
Loren Nancke has established themselves as controllers on call to their clients. Not being able to have a full time accountant on staff can be overcome by ensuring you use the professional services of a firm who is familiar with your situation and can advise you accordingly. We are that firm!
The company is located in the International Plaza at Capilano Road and Marine Drive in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Rep/Contact Info

Candace Nancke
Alex Young