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I'm Trevor Bird, Certified IFS Practitioner & Trainer, Personal Development Coach, and Entrepreneur.

I subscribe to the belief that all humans are an intricate mosaic of multiple parts.

I'm here to help you to create a life that is aligned with integrity, and led by your personal values.

I've had the privilege of witnessing incredible transformations in people I've worked with. They have become more present in their relationships, face hardships, and make life changing decisions.

I'm here to share these tools and insights to your life along with you. You will better understand your triggers, and gain some practical tools for speaking your truth.

I can help you harness these tools that I have been working with over the past decade. You will come out of this with a strong, unshakable foundation to deal with any situation life throws your way. I understand it because have been there.

If you're ready to make some big life shifts, putting your personal fulfillment, relationships, and personal growth first, I would love to work with you. With a customized plan, we'll explore what got you here, tackle unhelpful behavior patterns, and boost your emotional intelligence to support you in fulfilling your authentic life.

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Trevor Bird