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AICELLO CHEMICAL started off as a manufacturer of cellophane film. Cellophane film was considered to be the ideal packaging material. Our mission to pursue and develop functional packaging materials has not changed since the very beginning of the company's operation.
Moreover, we have been developing and commercializing numerous new products into the market by combining non-film manufacturing technologies such as polymer technology, blow molding technology, gravure printing technology and system engineering.

Today, the concept of the functional packaging goes beyond the boundaries of the fundamental approach. Covering a wide range of applications ranging from protecting, arranging, storing to providing functionality such as thermal insulation, conductivity, barrier, anti-corrosion, anti-dust, anti-haze, anti-bacteria, anti-bromic, heat resistant, chemical resistant and adhesion. Most importantly, packaging affects the environment. From a conservation point of view, one must consider the impact of packaging materials.
The possibility of functional packaging is endless. We have begun our journey to take on new challenges in order to construct a better future by utilizing all of Aicello's cultivated technologies.


  • Planes that you fly - SOLUBLON® and BOSELON®
  • Computers that you work with - CleanContainers and HYPERCLEAN? PE film
  • Cars that you drive - SOLUBLON® and BOSELON®
  • Games your children play with - CleanContainers and HYPERCLEAN? PE film
  • Detergents that clean your clothes and dishes - SOLUBLON®

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