About Us

Fibreco Export Inc. is a leading global supplier of wood chips and also operates a wood fibre export terminal in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The terminal ships Fibreco's wood chips as well as provides handling services on a fee for service basis for BC's wood pellet producers and for other companies' wood chips.

Fibreco's coordination of the logistics of rail delivery, fibre storage, and loading of barges and deep sea vessels is a key part of our business and provides a high level of value added service to our customers to ensure a low cost, efficient, supply chain from source to vessel. This allows Fibreco and its wood pellet and wood chip handling customers to efficiently deliver quality products to domestic and international customers across Canada, Asia and Europe.

As a wood chip trading company Fibreco specializes in the sale, marketing and trading of wood chips. We are experts in providing competitive markets for our wood chip suppliers and in sourcing wood chips for customers in BC, the USA, Asia, and Europe.

As an operating deep sea terminal in the Port of Vancouver Fibreco provides storage and loading services for both wood chips and wood pellets. Fibreco is currently the largest export handling terminal for biomass wood pellets' in the world.