Environmental Consulting Services

About Us

Hatfield provides high-quality environmental and social services for private and public sector clients around the world. We’re experts in the areas of aquatic ecology, environmental assessment and monitoring, contaminant monitoring, GIS and remote sensing, environmental information systems, biodiversity assessments, social impact assessments, stakeholder consultations, water resources management, wildlife habitat and management, environmental infrastructure design, effects assessment, and international development. We are particularly active in Western Canada, Indonesia, and Southern Africa.

Within Canada, Hatfield provides environmental and social services for industrial clients in the pulp and paper, mining, oil and gas, renewable energy, transportation and municipal infrastructure, forestry, agriculture, and fisheries and aquaculture sectors, as well as for public sector and First Nations clients. Internationally, Hatfield works closely with international development agencies, multi-lateral funding agencies, non-government organizations (NGOs), and industrial partners.

We specialize in undertaking complex, multi-disciplinary projects, often in collaboration with networks of local experts and specialists in particular fields. Our work strives to provide cost-effective, sustainable solutions to our clients’ environmental and social needs.