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We search for the potential problems in day to day life, study different solutions and design the products to solve them. Our sales channel are amazon and also local market.


  • Keep Track of Pills Like a Pro – Say goodbye to logbooks, medication dispenser pill sorter, and apps, and HELLO to the e
  • Just Stick and Scratch - Stop sorting pills into containers - just fix the pill reminder / pill planner sticker on any b
  • Show n’ Tell Medication Reminder - Give yourself a visual reminder to stick to your medication regimen. Place the sticke
  • Stick & Go! – Our scratch-off pill chart/ pill timer stickers are ideal for travel or on-the-go. You can even cut them i
  • Pill Reminder for Up to 96 Weeks - Each PILL IT DaYly contains 24 stickers. This lets you track up to 24 weeks / 4 doses


Scratch off stickers help you track your medications/supplements/activities
Track your daily vitamins by scratch off stickers
Track your activities like yoga by scratching grey squares
You can easily track your pets supplements by scratch off stickers
Mark every dose your kid is taking
The best solution for busy people

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