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Hydragas Energy is a Climate-focused company with the leading technology for methane emissions reduction at a global scale. Hydragas has studied smartly upgraded clean energy recovery solutions and projects to produce methane from diverse & deep water-borne gas resources. Our core IP know-how enables far better designs for producing natural gas from lakes, seas & aquifers, limiting how they can emit Carbon into the atmosphere.

We have a history through our company registrations in South Africa, and Canada spanning 20 years. The time has been spent supporting Lake Kivu’s safer, environmentally less impactful, and more prosperous use with a plan to invest $ 2.5 B on both the Rwandan and DRC sides of the lake.

Until now gas production has not been feasible or economic. The first key resource, Lake Kivu, presents a significant threat to people and the environment if not harvested strictly to the mandated rules.

Both high efficiency & leading economics makes a better and fully compliant gas extraction solution highly compelling. It produces high-quality, cheaper, carbon-negative energy. Hydragas is a world leader in the field of CH4-from-water recovery from many environments.

Our company is progressing with the funding program to raise $36 M (US) to build a demo project in 2024.

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Mr. Philip Morkel
Founder & CEO