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We will provide childcare, parent, and caregiver education programs that give nurturing support, developmentally appropriate experiences and educational opportunities for all involved with Steiner/Waldorf based trainings and guidelines of care. The focus of Steiner/Waldorf education is to meet the growing needs of the child?s physical, mental and soul life so they can become a caring, creative and intelligent addition to their futures. For the children, attention will be directed to the care of the senses, development of the body and mind and nurturing of a healthy social life in a home-like environment.
Essentially, care in a LifeWays environment is based in human interaction which promotes healthy sensory integration and the encouragement of natural development phases. As such no artificial stimuli or electronic/mechanical devices are used to entertain the children, and instead the day is arranged around a supportive rhythm in a homelike surrounding as children are involved in a variety of practical activities such as gardening, baking, housekeeping, meal times, storytelling and play which are designed to stimulate the senses and encourage healthy physical development thus laying the appropriate foundations for pre-academic skills and later learning. As such there is evident demand for care consistent with the Waldorf/LifeWays philosophies for all age groups, from within the Waldorf community as well as the broader community.

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